• Viopar Energy SA, member of Ravago Greece Group


What is biomass;

Biomass is an important and environmentally friendly energy source that can greatly contribute to energy sufficiency as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Biomass is defined as a material of biological (organic) origin.

It practically includes any material that comes directly or indirectly from the plant

Specifically, by the term biomass we mean:

  • Plant based materials that come either from nature or from energy crops
  • The residues and by-products of plant and animal production, such as e.g. prunings,
    olive kernels, pits, etc.
  • The by-products from the processing of these materials, such as e.g.
    wood shavings, residues from cotton ginning, etc.
  • Municipal waste and residues of the food industry, agricultural
    industry and municipal waste.
Viopar uses the following types of Biomass

  • Olive Residue
  • Cotton residue
  • Sunflower Pellet
  • Waste wood
The biomass used at VIOPAR ENERGY must meet specific quality characteristics :

Gross Calorific Value

Not under 13Mj/kg


Max 16%

Bulk density

400 - 750 kg/m3

Granulometric analysis

- Distribution of fine-grated material (1 mm - 2,5 mm): max 40% - Maximum material size not bigger than 50mm